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Refusing to be shut in by winter’s continual grip on Calgary, I went for a meander around the neighbourhood in search of colour. Not easy after a night of freezing fog that left a layer of hoar frost on every surface imaginable.


Towards the end of the winter, when the snow is beginning to melt and the landscapes don’t look so pristine, one of my favourite photography techniques is to get close-up. By focusing on the minutia instead of the whole, close-up nature photography shows the beauty of the moment without seeing the slushy, dirty remains of winter that surround it.

The majestic Canadian Rockies were bathed in the morning light as the sun rose behind us, fresh snow had fallen the night before and the clear blue sky was highlighted with a few wispy clouds. It was the golden hour – that magic hour just after dawn (or before sunset) and we witnessing the beauty of the Rockies in the winter at its finest. A photographer’s dream. A skier’s dream. Sorry photographer – it was a ski day and we were off to the hills to catch some powder. While the skier was jumping with joy, the photographer compromised by shooting out the passenger window (with the promise of a few more shots on top of the hill).

Mountains in Morning

The Golden Hour

Don’t let cold temperatures, snow and ice deter you from enjoying your photography. Dress warmly and head outdoors to capture some stunning landscapes. This past weekend, the family and I headed out for a tromp in the snow in Kananaskis. While the cold and wind prevented a long foray, the sky was blue and the snow was fresh, allowing for some beautiful shots.


Mt Lorette Ponds In Winter

Mt Lorette Ponds In Winter