A photography post from my family adventure blog.

The Big Picture

After you’ve captured your memories (see Photographing Children – Part 1: Capturing Memories) and imported them into your computer, it’s time to choose which ones to process and share. Be judicious – choose those that are in focus and tell a story. If you have several of the same scene pick your favourite, the one that makes you melt. The exposure doesn’t need to be perfect but should be close. If the action warrants it, a little blur can be acceptable but the eyes should be sharp and clear. The next step is to process and enhance your photos.

  1. Cropping – This is one of the most important steps in enhancing your image. What you include and exclude from your photograph can dramatically change the story. Take this image of my son with my husband taken this past weekend on our ferry crossing of Arrow Lake. One photograph, two different stories.

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