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Upper Kananaskis Lake
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park


This little guy decided that he wanted to have a drink of water at our campsite last weekend at Sibbald Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta.

Wild mushrooms in the woods near our campsite at Sibbald Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta.

Week 6 started off with a great hike to Bill Allan in Kananaskis with my husband and son.

Day 36 - Elbow River

Day 36 - Elbow River

I’m also chronicling  my Project 366 on my website, so if you’d like to see the entire gallery please visit my site at

I had a lot of fun with week 2. Ending it by experimenting with my veri-ND filter at Elbow Falls was the highlight.

Day 14 - Elbow River

Don’t let cold temperatures, snow and ice deter you from enjoying your photography. Dress warmly and head outdoors to capture some stunning landscapes. This past weekend, the family and I headed out for a tromp in the snow in Kananaskis. While the cold and wind prevented a long foray, the sky was blue and the snow was fresh, allowing for some beautiful shots.


Mt Lorette Ponds In Winter

Mt Lorette Ponds In Winter